If you’re making a choice to use essential oils, you should probably know what you’re getting. Not all essential oils are created equally. Here are some tips on where to buy essential oils that may be right for you.

Essential Oil Background

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made the decision to use essential oils. That means you already understand the myriad of benefits. Oils can be used to:
– Help with mental focus
– Heal wounds, pains, and even infections
– Reduce stress
– Make your cleaning supplies non-toxic
– Balance hormones
Boost your immune system
And the list goes on…
If you’re new to using oils, check with your physician, naturopath, or an aromatherapist for guidance. They can help you figure out which oils may work best. Also, read the directions on the bottles.
Essential oils can be used in different ways. Some are: topically, in the bath, in cooking, and in a diffuser. Almost always they need to be diluted in water first.

Now Foods Essential Oils, Lemongrass Oil, 1 fl oz

Lemongrass Oil

What’s Best When Buying an Essential Oil

First of all, what’s best for you and your family may not be the same for another. So, if we offer some information, you can make your personal best choice. Here are some pointers when deciding what to buy:
• Look at labels thoroughly. Additionally, read through the company’s website.
• Is the bottle made of glass? Plastic containers can be toxic.
• Is it tinted? Sunlight can negatively affect oils.
• Is the name of the plant written in Latin as well as in English?
• Is the plant the only ingredient? If there are additives or fillers, it’s not 100% pure.
• Is it organic? Organic certified? Wild-crafted?
• Where is the plant grown? Made in the USA products are great. But, some plants are more effective when harvested from their indigenous location.
• Have the oils been extracted with steam (instead of chemicals?)
• Does the company have a good reputation?

Where to Buy Essential Oils

Most noteworthy, you can find just about essential oil online today. Alternately, do want just any oil? Or, do you want a product that best suits your needs? Have the above checklist with you when perusing various websites. Next, take the time to look at the info on each site. Learning a bit about the company and its reputation will give you some insight into its products.
With each place that sells essential oils, there will be pros and cons. It just depends on what matters most to you. Is it quality, price, popularity, or ease of purchase? Below is a cursory guide on where to buy essential oils.

Companies with a Consultant

Today, there are several multi-level marketing companies focused on essential oils. Also, there are others that carry them, but they also sell a broad scope of products. Neither type of company is “better” than another. All of them have the same goal. That is, to make money for the consultants, company, and make the customer happy. They thrive on repeat business.
The benefit of seeking an essential oil from consultants is that they will often have lots of information. They are glad to answer many questions. Just beware of an overeager representative who tries to over-sell you. It’s also suggested to do a little fact checking after your consultation before purchasing.
If you want someone helping you, and easily get shipments and reorders, this might be a good venue for you. Consequently, you will be paying more for your essential oils. (Remember, everyone’s commissions are built-in to your cost.) However, the company’s reputation is on the line, so they will strive to deliver quality. Also, consider whether you want a “kit” or just a couple of bottles of oil. Talk to your consultant about your options.
With that said, here are some multi-level marketing companies where to buy essential oils. We can’t endorse or disparage. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for you.
– Be Young
– Arbonne
– Essante Organics
– doTerra
– Melaleuca
– Living Young
There are many MLMs cropping up all the time. These are just some to get an idea.

Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Specialty, Pharmacies, Health Stores

This type of store may not be near where you live. They are more commonly found in larger cities. Look for drug stores that have a homeopathic section. Sometimes essential oils can be found in the “alternative” medicine section. Also, some local spas will carry a line of oils. Again, the cost might be higher than online. These folks have brick and mortar overhead costs, don’t forget. Alas, sometimes it’s worth paying slightly more for the convenience of getting your goods right away.
Some are:
– Whole Foods
– The Vitamin Shoppe
– Sprout’s
– Lassen’s Market

Big Brand Chain Stores

Chances are, wherever you live in the US, there’s one of these stores nearby. You know, the kind that carry everything from detergent to slippers to vitamins. By now, many of these chains carry essential oils. You may have to check with guest services for the correct aisle. These products may be newer to these types of stores.
You’ll definitely pay less here than a specialty store. It might even cost less than shopping online because you’re avoiding shipping. Again, check your list. Saving money is great. But paying less for something that isn’t effective is a waste. Some stores are:
– Target
– Walmart
– Kmart

Specialty Online Stores

Many of these essential oil shops are family-founded and/or owned. The companies are often small or medium-sized. It’s tough for them to compete with big business prices. But, keep in mind, they have to in order to stay in business. They also work hard to provide quality and integrity.
Again, check your list. Read their sites. If you like to support local or smaller businesses, this is a great opportunity. Some companies we found were:
– AnandaApothecary.com
– EdensGarden.com
– PlantTherapy.com
– MountainRoseHerbs.com


One brand that is therapeutic and pure and can be found online is Rhada Beauty Aromatherapy. You can CLICK HERE for a link to their products.

Finally, as you can see, there are many outlets where to buy essential oils. We hope that this guide helps you find the right product and price to fit your needs. Additionally, you can also click “search” on GetThrive to find out more about essential oils and other health tips.
Please let us know if you try any of these outlets or products. We’d love to hear your feedback! @GetThrive or check us out on Facebook.