Been a bit sluggish or fuzzy—for like, three…to, maybe, …fifteen years? Do you hear a little voice whisper almost every morning, “Hey, today’s the day we don’t have a glass or eight of wine.” These are just a couple of reasons you might want some tips on how to wean yourself off of habitual alcohol partaking.

Easy Dose It

Other reasons for needing to cut back (or cut yourself off) are for medical-related conditions. Perhaps your new religion, new potential spouse, or old friends and family frown upon your indulgent-enjoyment of libations.
Maybe you’re simply ready for a move towards a healthier lifestyle. Judgment-free of motive, cutting-down or complete avoidance of drinking can be a positive, healthy choice.

Take A Break

Reducing the amount and occasions you drink (as opposed to quitting cold-turkey) can be an easier path for many. Unless you’ve been ordered by a court, can’t remember your last birthday, or are at-risk of liver, pancreatic, or kidney failure, you may just want to wean yourself off, little by little. In doing so, you may find the journey informative and rewarding.

Change It Up

Replace behavior: If you normally go to happy hour with or without coworkers, other stay-at-home moms, or a 5pm wine-pouring alarm going off, try replacing those events with something else that doesn’t require or thrive well with alcohol.
Experts will suggest a physical activity. Instead, commit to a 5pm Zumba/salsa/ballet/ Pilates class that lasts for four hours (kidding on the last part.) Basically, find an enjoyable outlet that provides exercise and personal enjoyment to replace the primary drinking hour(s).

Reward Yourself

Reward behavior: Instead of spending money on alcohol, save it and treat yourself to something else that makes you feel equally content or even happier. In a very short time, you’ll see that the saved dollars normally spent on drinks will add up as a nice side bonus.
Spend the money right away on healthy drinks like smoothies, or save up until the end of the month and buy something new to wear. Side note: Chances are if you’ve given up drinking for a month, your clothing size will probably have gone down 

The Bennies

Reap benefits: Cutting down on the grog and spirits will become noticeable in your brain and your body. Your thinking will be sharpened as well as your looks. You’ll probably lose weight, your skin will glow, and you’ll have more natural energy.
Being mindful (even though it’s a trendy buzzword these days) is still wildly and truly applicable, especially within the realm of this topic. Alcohol consumption does not have to be harmful.
As we are aware, many wines and legal elixirs can be health-beneficial when ingested in small-to-medium doses. It’s the overconsumption that breeds danger. Stick to your choice, be kind to yourself, and enlist a buddy to join you if that will make it easier and more fun.