A recent study using obese teenagers as subjects, not only showed no benefit to the daily use of Vitamin D supplements, but it actually pointed to the cause for higher cholesterol levels.
A scientist at the Mayo Clinic, Seema Kumar, claims that too much Vitamin D can cause a condition that results in kidney complications. The reason why they began the trial in the first place was because there has been some proof that Vitamin D supplements are linked with vascular improvements.
Bigger, Not Always Better
Obese teens are at greater risk for future chronic disease. Kumar thought this test group would benefit—but the opposite seems to have been discovered. Increased cholesterol and triglycerides were found. Additionally, the teens showed no difference in their weight, body mass, or blood pressure.
Studying the benefits of supplements can be valuable, however, continuing to work at the core of health challenges, by educating and encouraging proper nutrition and exercise is equally valuable.