Many men have had concerns about getting a vasectomy due to previous research linking it to Prostate Cancer. A new, enormous study proves there is no connection between the two.

Fear Ruled

It is no wonder men have trepidation about the outpatient surgery. There are many misleading rumors about the procedure. In actuality, it’s safe, only takes about 20 minutes, isn’t very expensive, and the pain is minimal for a short time afterwards. And, it’s about 99% effective as a method of birth control.
Another grave concern was the results of past reports claiming that vasectomies were linked to cases of prostate cancer. Being that prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the US, that’s a significant worry.
The latest study, however, should alleviate those fears.

No Connection

The latest study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The research included over 363,000 men in a 30-year study. Over that period of time, 7,451 of the participants died of prostate cancer. Eric J. Jacobs, the lead author, and his research team with the American Cancer Society discovered no link between those who had a vasectomy and those who developed prostate cancer.
Earlier reports had found a marginal link. Those results shouldn’t be completely discounted, but the newer information holds more validity because of its enormous number of participants (and the increase in mortality numbers.) The 2014 study reported 800 deaths, yet this one reports over 7,000—all with no connection to having had a vasectomy. That’s no coincidence.

Worst Case Scenario

According to Jacobs and other health experts, smoking and obesity have been the worst culprits held responsible for cases involving fatal prostate cancer. Choosing an unhealthy lifestyle that includes cigarettes and poor eating habits greatly increase a man’s risk for prostate cancer.
Unfortunately, one in seven men in the US will develop some form of prostate cancer (most, not the fatal type.) Jacobs and the results of this study predict “having had a vasectomy will not be the underlying cause.”
Currently, approximately 10% of men over the age of 40 have had a vasectomy. Without the procedure causing any ill effects, it’s a good option for those wanting to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Additionally, many vasectomies can be reversed should the patient later choose to grow his family.
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