The introduction of an effective new vaccine can cost hundreds of millions of dollars; waiting too long can cost billions of dollars plus thousands of human lives.

Give it a shot

A few scientists have proposed a global vaccine development fund where governments, pharmaceuticals, and philanthropists keep a couple of billion dollars in a fund to research, create and trial new vaccines for epidemic viruses. Currently, it costs around $25 million just to research one vaccine, which is only the first step in a long and very expensive process.

Too Little, Too Late

It takes too much time to introduce a new vaccine because the funding is not at hand. The Ebola vaccine works brilliantly—but it wasn’t available until after 11,000 people died and $8 billion was spent on the outbreak.
Currently, a MERS vaccine is in its initial stages. Some are concerned that may be the next viral outbreak. Hopefully a vaccine will find its funding and be completed for use before it’s too late.

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