If you have a responsible dentist, then you’ve probably been educated on the possible health risks of “silver” fillings. If this is the first you’ve heard about silver/amalgam cavity fillings, then this is the article for you.

The Good Ole Days

What an irony—the good ole days were when we feared dentists, and they filled our cavities with dangerous metals!
Dental amalgam is that metal stuff that your dentist shoved into the hole in your tooth in your cavity. It was, and still is, silver-colored. It’s actually a mix of metals, mostly filled with mercury. It’s been cost-effective for dentists and patients, and it durably lasts.

Mercury Poisoning is a Murky Topic

Let’s just get the ingredients in an amalgam-filling straight first—especially before we go into a panic. The amalgam filling is about half-mercury, some silver tin, and the remainder copper and fillers. Clearly, with this type of filling, you have more mercury in “your system” than you would have otherwise. That doesn’t mean you’ve been poisoned. Unless…
Research has now shown that people with more than seven fillings with amalgam are 150% more prone to having mercury in their circulatory system.
That still doesn’t mean you’re a dead man or woman. But it could mean that you have other effects like loss of memory, digestive disorders, and a bunch of allergies, amongst other symptoms.

What To Do?

Tooth decay is the most prevalent cause of chronic disease. Bacteria travels quickly from the mouth through the bloodstream. Because of this fact, it’s essential that bad teeth get help! Bacteria from cavities and whatever other mouth problems occur create an intensely high risk of getting a bad bacterial infection, temporarily or chronically.
An excess of mercury in the bloodstream is not a healthy thing. Unfortunately, you could have mercury “poisoning” without understanding that you do. Levels can build over time, even years, and cause fatigue, anxiety, and even heart disease.
Let’s look at the bright, solution side.
Here’s what to do if you have a ton of old “filled” cavities:
-go to the dentist and have the silver fillings replaced with white composite fillings.
-practice oil pulling. Swish oil in your mouth. (It’s ancient practice!) The best oil would be coconut, sunflower, or sesame. You don’t gargle, but rather swish the oil around your mouth and gums. You also ”pull” the oil through your teeth.
Getting dental check-ups regularly help to keep tabs on your overall health. When in doubt, check with www.GetThrive.com or another expert who can help guide you towards best health.
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