Treadmills have been around for years. In fact, it’s a very popular way to exercise. They are relatively easy to use and they are also very healthy. However, recently we have a seen an increase in the number of injuries at home and at gyms from the use of treadmills. And why?

While it may seem silly, treadmill injuries can be severe and even life threatening. Recently the CEO from Survey Money died from a treadmill injury.

Why the Increase in Treadmill Injuries?

The increase in treadmill injuries may be linked to walking and using a Smart phone or device. Similar to texting and driving, when we are walking and using a treadmill while simultaneously using our phones, we are distracted—ultimately causing accidents and injuries.

Don’t Turn Your Health Upside Down…

Exercise is great for us. In fact, using a treadmill promotes cardiovascular and pulmonary health. But let’s not turn something healthy upside down by adding the risk of accidents and injuries to it. We automatically increase our risks for treadmill accidents and injuries while using a cell phone.

Gyms are full of heavy machinery. Therefore, it is important to focus 100 percent on using that machinery rather than shifting our attention and concentration to our cell phones.

The Bottom Line: Redefined

The bottom line redefined here: Concentrate on your own health and safety while using a treadmill, and avoid using one if you are going to be distracted. Yes, do use your cell phone to count calories and listen to music, but avoid accidents and injuries, which do the exact opposite of keeping you healthy.

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