Danger Free

This season brings wonderful things like sunshine and outdoor activity. But, along with the fun, we must be vigilant in keeping our children out of danger. Here are some helpful tips for keeping our loved ones safe:

When in the Sun…

Always apply sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy. UVA and UVB are dangerous. Your children should use a product with zinc oxide whenever possible. An SPF between 30 and 50 works well and should be reapplied every hour or so.
A hat is recommended as your baby’s scalp can burn too. Sunglasses protect eyes, especially during this season. And if your children are old enough to be out on their own, remind them to find shady spots and drink lots of water. We want to protect them from dehydration.

When in the Water…

To keep your children out of danger, they must learn to swim as early as possible. Even if they can, make sure there is a lifeguard present at the lake, ocean, or pool. If young ones are swimming at your pool, please always have an adult supervising. Dr. David Walker, director of the pediatric emergency department at NewYork-Presbyterian/Queens suggests that adults learn CPR. He explains that the sooner it’s performed, the better chance of survival.

When on wheels…

Wearing a helmet will keep your child out of danger from concussion. Teach youngsters the rules of the road. Always stay in the bike line. When riding scooters and skateboards, knee, elbow, and wrist pads are recommended as well.

When in the car…

During this season, it’s especially crucial that you understand heat levels inside a vehicle. The temperature inside can increase almost 20 degrees within 10 minutes. If it’s 85 degrees out, it could easily be 110 degrees inside within a half hour. That’s enough for your child to suffer from heatstroke.
On average 37 children die annually from being left in a hot car, even for a few minutes. Never leave your child in the car in the heat, even if you think you’ll be gone for one minute. Accidents happen all the time.
Equally as tragic is when adults “forget” to take their baby out of the car. It occurs all too often. In order to keep your children out of danger, use something to remind yourself before you leave your vehicle. Experts suggest placing something in the back seat that you’ll need. For example, leave your shoe, cellphone, wallet…something that will force you to look back before leaving. There are also gadgets and apps available.
If the unthinkable happens to you and your child, call the authorities immediately. Heat stroke can cause death very quickly in children. Take your baby out of the car and cover her with cool damp cloths. Stay in the shade while waiting for help.
Sometimes accidents will happen no matter how we prepared. We can, however, take measures to help keep our children out of danger and hope for the best. Here’s to a joyful, safe, summer season!