Divvying Up Child Duties

While most parents try to keep childrearing responsibilities equal, they often fall on the shoulders of one parent more than the other, as the other parent tries to work longer or extra hours to keep up with the bills. But new studies show that couples who share childrearing equally are happier.

A Surprising Discovery

After conducting several studies, not only were researchers surprised to discover that many couples felt that their child rearing responsibilities were equal between both parents, they were even more surprised to discover that these couples were actually happier as a result—and even had healthier and happier sex lives.

The Fair Share

The studies, however, were not clear on which child rearing duties were split equally. For example, many dads “step up to the plate,” playing with their kids, assisting with homework, or being the disciplinarians while mothers cook, clean, and do laundry.

But most parents would still consider even these separate duties doing “their fair shares”.

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