If your teenage son has female romance on the brain, you’ll want to share some girl-savvy advice, sooner than later. Like, probably now—especially if he’s entering or already in high school.
Chances are your pubescent boy has heard things from friends and from social-media outlets in regards to girls, dating, making out, petting, and (yep, it’s true…) “going all the way”. Teens will be teens, as we were once, and we know what’s on their minds a large portion of the day.
It can be a couple of awkward conversations with your kid, but wouldn’t you rather chime in with a bit of guidance than let him make mistakes that could be potentially dangerous? Particularly, statistics show that in the U.S., over 40 percent of teens and over 60 percent of high school seniors have already had sexual relations.
Aside from the typical birds-and-the-bees discussion, there are the talks about birth control, STD’s, and physical safety. In addition, it seems appropriate to share some other truths and tips about the female creature to your most likely naïve son.
One mom offers some compelling advice that both young (and older) males should heed when exploring any type of relationship with a person of the female-gender persuasion. Here are some of her words of wisdom:
The ultimate concept to impart to your boy and for him to absorb is that a girl is a “person” first. She may look good and she make may make him look good, but she is a real human being with her own thoughts, feelings, and a real body. She has her own unique size, look, laugh, quirks—and she’s not airbrushed. She’s beautiful in her own special way.
Girls don’t like to be sexted. Most females appreciate romance, creativity, and imagination —yours and their own. Be proud of your body, but keep it to yourself until everyone is ready and consents. And by the way, “no means no,” but “maybe” also means no. The only yes that counts is one that verbally expresses “yes,” it’s been discussed—and it’s sober, too.
Being a gentleman still counts. Girls may be strong and independent, but they relish good manners, regardless. Along those lines is good hygiene. Don’t you want a fresh smelling body and breath? Even if your boy couldn’t care less, explain that it does matter to girls.
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