Know the Value of Productivity

Know the Value of Organization

Declutter, Organize and Prepare

Work in a clean and organized place- declutter and prepare for success! Make sure you have access to the right tools, passwords, files and references to ensure a headache free day.
Here are some tools that may help:

Know the Value of the List

Start thinking about tomorrow’s list the night or even the afternoon before, create your “to do” list at the end of the day when your mind is calming down just before bed. Usually, that’s when some of your best ideas and thoughts unravel.
Here are some great applications for creating a to-do list and keeping up with it.
First thing in the morning, block off time on your calendar to take care your listed priorities. Use a day planner and schedule your to-do’s in 15 to 30-minute segments people tend to work in spurts so scheduling 15-30 min periods through your “to do” list will actually allow you to accomplish more.
Pick the toughest thing you have to do on your list and do it first; everything else will seem easier after you have accomplished the most difficult task of the day.

Know the Value of Boundaries

Prioritize your time and Set up Boundaries Don’t go to unnecessary meetings and don’t schedule them either.
3 Simple rules to determine if you need to schedule a meeting:

  1. Informing and bringing everyone up to speed
  2. Gathering Input from your colleagues
  3. Or to ask for approval.

Own your time, setting clear rules and boundaries for your day, so you don’t end up taking on too much from others or getting sidetracked from your goals. Learn to say no, be selective about which meetings and events you attend, use that extra 10 min after a meeting or a project to tidy up loose ends.
Try using a tool similar to this to map out your day and add it to your calendar; this will make setting boundaries easier as your day becomes filled.

Know the Value of Balance

Be Happier, Be Balanced, Be Sincere
Keep an open, pleasant mind, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Meditating for just a few minutes a day, spending just one hour a week in nature, or jotting down a few reflective notes in the evening can have a noticeable impact on your well-being and your attention.
Turn off alerts that are distracting. Including smartphone texts, emails alerts, and pop-ups. Everything should have a time and a place. Set up times throughout the day to schedule opening and responding to emails. And, create emergency tones for anything that you deem more important than others. Everything else should be put aside until you finish your scheduled task.

Know the Value of Self-Respect

Encourage yourself with positive sayings like you can do this! Or this will be easy for me! “Being Positive does Not Mean Ignoring the Negative…being Positive Means Overcoming the Negative.” -unknown

Know the Value of Time

When I feel Good about what I have accomplished in a day, I feel happier. Like I didn’t waste what is so precious to all of us. Great Tool RescueTime

Know the Value of When to Walk Away

Fresh Air, and a Fresh Mind
Sometimes walking away from a story or a project helps bring a new perspective to a tired mind. Fresh air and movement bring clarity.
Although it may not seem like it, sometimes a quick walk in the park or around the block can give you the energy and perseverance you need to be more productive.