Did you know that 80 percent of all supermarket foods contain added sugar? If that grosses you out, then you definitely don’t want to think of the effects all that sugar is actually doing to your body.

The Truth isn’t Sweet 

Consuming at least 40 teaspoons of sugar each day does a lot worse to your body than just your waistline. The worst part about it is that while it seems obvious to avoid foods high in sugar such as candy, soda, and ice cream, you can still consume the same amount by consuming foods, which are perceived as “healthy”- such as low-fat yogurt, juice, and even health bars.

The Sweet Solution 

So where does the problem lie? Does the problem lie in our diets or on misleading food labels? Maybe a little bit of both. One way to avoid eating “health” foods and going up a few pants sizes is to stick to foods that really are “natural”, and do a little research before purchasing brands.