What do you think about health care in America and should Americans have the right to choose their own health care plans? This is still a hot topic in the United States today.

As you may already know, the government has been pushing for universal health coverage, and thus the reason Obamacare was established. However, there is still much debate over the matter by many who oppose it.

Asking the Affordable Care Questions…

The Affordable Care Act was put in place by the U.S. Congress and President Obama, to provide Americans with access to better health care and to make those choices affordable and independent of the health insurance companies.

The question now is who is going to pay for those health care costs. Is it the government, consumers or insurance companies? Should the answer and solution be the same for all Americans?

Equal Economy

Free society would love to have everyone equal, but that is not the case. There is always inequality in any economic resources, whether America or anywhere else in the world. Health care has taken up a large piece of the economy and so the question will continue to be a struggle because unfairness and inequality still exists as part of the economy.

In a situation where health insurance has become quite expensive and many Americans are just one paycheck away from being uninsured, it is clear that the right to health care choices is not only important, but crucial.

The lack of health care in any country amounts to being basically a moral issue. As an industrialized nation, the United States is way behind the ‘eight ball’ of universal health care and is now having a hard time convincing their opponents that it is now the right time and catching up with other countries.

Affordable Care…for ALL Americans

In fact, other countries have already deemed healthcare to be a right and not a privilege. It should no longer be unavailable to Americans who cannot afford health care. It should be available to all. That is essentially the root of the problem. How can it be made affordable? This is the question that President Obama must have asked himself when he created the Affordable Care Act for all Americans.

The Emergency Room Dilemma

Americans without healthcare are at risk for poor health. In addition, for those who could not afford health insurance until now, the emergency room becomes the ‘go to’ place for medical treatment. In so doing, consumers pay the costs.

Someone without medical insurance has no other option when sick, but to go to the emergency room. Most of them are unable to pay the medical bill received from the emergency room. So who picks up the tab? You know the answer…

A Human Right

The case then should be that all Americans have a human right to having access to good healthcare; just like the wealthy do. There should be no discrimination against any race, age, gender, and income or health status.

Healthcare should be considered a good deed to the public and not just a commodity. Any gaps in the system should be purged so that all communities can access comprehensive and proper healthcare services.

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