Raising children together, when the tasks of childrearing are shared equally amongst the parents, makes for a happier couple, a new study reports.

Raising Rug Rats

Almost 500 couples were polled in regards to their level of happiness in their relationship and also how much they felt they contributed to raising the children. Over 70% of men and women agreed that when the chores of being a parent were shared equally, they felt satisfied in their union as a couple.

The Old Days

It used to be that men only participated a fraction in raising the kids. (This does not necessarily include making meals and doing laundry.) But now that both partners tend to work, the participation in childcare is more equal—especially when it comes to encouraging, playing, and disciplining.
The amazing thing is that even though these positive couples don’t necessarily report spending more time together, they are happier because they each feel an equal responsibility in caring for their joint offspring.