It’s a Gray Matter:

Grey matter is in our brain and spinal cord. It’s a huge part of our central nervous system and sends messages that help us with memory, seeing, hearing, making decisions, and many more essential functions. But new studies show that our brains might even be tied to economics.

The Test:

A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics claims that children from low-level income families have a different brain structure than those from affluent families. About 400 young children and teens had an MRI scanning of their brains. The findings showed that the kids from families that were below the poverty level had 4% less gray matter than the developmental norm. Youngsters from families with incomes below the federal poverty line showed as much as 9% lower grey matter volume.

It’s All in Your Head:

These findings can help explain why students don’t perform as well in schools in poverty-stricken areas. These results are also important because it’s apparent we need to better nourish our children in this country.