One of the newest trends in town has inspired me to share some thoughts on women…and freedom. It appears everyone of drinking age is going out with groups of friends and… painting!
Within 50 miles of my home, on any given night of the week, there are at least three venues where I can go alone (or with a pal), and be given an opportunity to create a masterpiece on canvas. Mind you, I have as much artistic ability as a raisin, but there’s something about this process that unleashes a sorely unused, long-lost friend named creativity.
Perhaps it’s the wine speaking or lending the courage. But I have noticed women, in droves, becoming unabashedly flamboyant with their mad color-blending skills.
Even women who don’t indulge in the alcoholic libations seem to find their inner artist and reap a sense of fulfillment that hasn’t been tapped into for years (or, sadly, maybe never at all.) No wonder this trend is so profitable—it’s offering a way for women to recapture innocence, raw expression, and an alternate way to define their true selves.
I’ve seen this happen before. There was a craze at one time to make ceramic objects. You picked a mold, painted, and glazed it; they fired it, and tada! You’ve got a glossy still-life napkin holder. There have always been quilting, knitting, and crocheting groups.
And what about singing in the choir? It seems like what’s at the core and appeal of all these activities is creativity, and expression. So, maybe if you’re feeling “stuck”, why not find the courage to step out of your comfort zone? You know you want to try it…
Joining a group (of similarly doldrum-experiencing women) will take some of the initial fear out of the equation. Grab a footloose friend, or one who likes to drink a lot, and give the painting thing a shot. My guess is that you will have an experience you didn’t expect.
Whether your artwork turns out to be something you think belongs in a museum, or conversely, something you want to hide in the rafters of your garage is not the point. You will tap into a muscle that craves use. We are all creative beings. Sometimes life’s responsibilities take us away from remembering that we have things to say, draw, dance, cook, and share.
There’s no time like the present to reawaken that inner voice and let it whisper or scream out. Make art, no matter what that means to you. Your heart will feel happy and it may just bring a smile to another’s heart too.
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