Type-2 diabetes is generally characterized as a chronic disease. Once it develops, it can be somewhat controlled through treatment, but most believe it is a life-long condition. There is a newer school of thought, however; there is a way to make your diabetes go away—and never come back.

Reverse Mental Beliefs?

In order to consider that diabetes many be curable, one may need to reverse his/her belief that it is a terminal condition. Medical specialist, Dr. Jason Fung has presented a theory and valid studies that show type-2 diabetes to be 90% curable.

Let’s Start with Sugar

We all understand that sugar over-consumption (especially processed forms) is very unhealthy. We have to ingest some form of sugar in order to get the fuel we need to power our body and brain. Obviously, the best form of sugar we can consume comes from whole, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Organic cane sugar is probably the least evil, whereas corn syrup, fructose, and granulated sugar are the worst to implement into our diet. Unfortunately, most foods we purchase have some form of sugar added into their ingredients.
It’s not just desserts we’re discussing here. Some form of sugar is almost always added to store-bought: cereals, dressings, soups, breads, peanut butter, applesauce, cold cuts, ketchup, juice, coffee drinks, pancake mix, and the list goes vastly on.

In Defense of Sugar…

The biggest hurdle is accepting that we are incredible consumers of sugar. Not many want to admit it. And many of those who do, may become defensive. We can get defensive because we love sugar and don’t want to give it up. It can, sorry to say, be an addiction.

Avoiding disease, including type-2 diabetes may be as simple as lowering our sugar intake. Avoiding it completely (besides from natural whole food sources) would be a Utopian diet, but that’s a tremendous commitment. It’s not impossible, but it requires diligence and mindfulness.

Where is My Sugar Going?

Limited (and necessary) amounts of sugar are stored as glycogen in our liver. This is our store for energy, short term. For the long-term, we store the extra sugar elsewhere. Where? Fat cells.
But what happens when your fat cells are full? Too much sugar, and it spills over into your bloodstream. This is what creates high blood-sugar levels.

Where Does Diabetes Fit In?

When you eat, your body’s blood sugar rises. The hormone insulin is naturally released to take the sugar out of the blood and direct it towards the tissues (for energy), and ultimately lowers your blood sugar level.
With diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin. How come?

According to Dr. Fung, diabetes is caused and progresses from extraordinarily high insulin levels (which sounds contradictory.) But, the higher the sugar intake, the higher level of insulin your body must produce. However, at some point, “your body’s level of insulin goes up, and so does its resistance to insulin.”

The research likens this phenomenon to treating pain with pain medication. At first, the initial dose is quite effective. But over time, you have to take higher doses to cause the same effect. Hence, higher levels of insulin are required.
The high levels of insulin actually cause the insulin resistance.

You need more all the time. “While you’re increasing your insulin, you’re increasing your resistance to it, making your ‘disease’ actually worse and more progressive.”

Medication as a Bandage

So with diabetes medications, sugar levels will come down. The initial effects are successful and promising. But over time, their effectiveness wear down, and then more medications are added to your plate.

Sugar levels may dip down, but what’s happening is that the diabetes is growing. “Sugar levels” and “diabetes” are not synonymous.

The symptoms (high blood sugar) are treated with meds. But the disease (insulin resistance) is not—and actually progresses.

Reversing the Cycle

If we’re to follow the logic in these statements, then lowering insulin levels through natural factions would begin to reverse the symptoms and effects of diabetes. But, of course, the only way to achieve that is through ingestion of less sugar. (Less sugar = less insulin production.)

Dr. Fung strongly suggests that diabetes does not have to be chronic or progressive. He asserts that is it 90% curable via dietary alteration. Cut out ingestion of unnatural sources of sugar. Intermittent fasting is another recommendation to break the cycle of insulin resistance.

Whether your blood sugar levels are perilous or you’re already diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, always check with your physician before embarking on a “new” type of diet. For other cutting-edge articles on health and wellness, please read DrDaveCampbell.com