Put a Pause on Pill-Popping

It’s 3 am. You keep glancing at the clock. Yup, you’re still awake. The state of “exhaustion” was so five nights ago. Sound familiar? If so, you are like millions of Americans who suffer from insomnia every night. But while your first go-to solution might be popping some sleeping pills, here are some reasons why that might not be the best idea.

Restless Isn’t Restful

Sleeping pills not only don’t always work but they often leave insomniacs feeling more tired the next day. In fact, they can do more harm than good. Even if you felt like you slept, tossing and turning means your sleep was restless … and not very rest-ful, which is what the body needs to heal.

Sleep Solutions

Aside from pills, there are a number of cognitive treatments that can help the body and mind relax enough to get the natural sleep it needs. Some of these treatment methods involve exercises and tactics insomniacs can do prior to going to bed. Many behavioral therapy methods can help break the pattern of sleeplessness, allowing for the rest we need.