And while we’re reversing field…a new study published Monday in The New England Journal of Medicine found feeding small amounts of peanut butter to infants at risk for developing peanut allergy significantly reduced the numbers of those kids that actually became allergic.
Just when you thought it wasn’t safe…Previously it was thought keeping peanuts out children’s diets would keep them from developing the reaction.
The new study: Researchers randomly assigned 640 infants with severe eczema and egg allergies to groups that were either not exposed to peanuts or fed small amounts through the age of five. Those that were given peanuts cut their risk of developing the allergy by 81 percent, the report states.
What this means – Though the test group was narrow, the study could have significant implications as peanut allergies have become a high profile issue in cafeterias, restaurants and just about everywhere food is prepared. Though only found in about 3 percent of the western world’s children, peanut allergies have, nonetheless, doubled in the past 10 years.
Don’t try this at home!  Given the potential for serious and in some case life-threatening allergic reactions, any tests should be conducted by a physician.