Evenflo has created a car seat that alerts the driver when a child is in the vehicle after the ignition is shut off. This invention is meant to save babies from being left in hot cars by accident.

Hard To Believe

It’s tough to imagine, but almost 40 kids per year die in hot cars from being left -half of those cases are because parents forget they’re in there! Many parents forget to take the children to daycare and leave them in the vehicle and go to work.

Worth a Try

This car seat gives a sound signal when the buckle is still latched after the car’s engine is off. The signal is made to sound different than the vehicle’s other warning noises like “a door is open” or “your lights are on.”
Hopefully, this can help remind drivers that their precious bundle is in the car. This is a big reminder, too, that we may be too preoccupied -lowering stress and staying “in the present” is the biggest help.