What happens when metal mines become defunct? Where does the waste remain? Is it toxic? These are all the questions environmentalists are asking.
Not a Typical Gold Rush: Over three-million gallons of mining sludge were unleashed into a river from a shutdown gold mine in Colorado. It was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who was at the site, cleaning, when the disaster occurred.
Poor Gold Fish: A clean-up crew said the Animas River’s PH levels were back to normal after a week, but truly, toxins will remain in the water for years. Humans have been warned not to bathe, swim, or drink the water from the river. But it’s the sea creatures that will be harmed more harshly and for a longer period.
It’s wonderful that more people are recycling, becoming green, and lessening waste (especially toxic). Unfortunately, we have a lot more work and implementation of awareness to do.