Most clothing shopping is done mindlessly; we buy in bulk, for cheap, caring little about where it’s made, and we might not ever even wear it. Mindful dressing, also known as creating a “capsule wardrobe”, may positively change your life, for life.

Exchange quantity for quality

Buying one jacket that you love and want to wear all the time can easily replace the four others in your closet. You will ultimately spend a lot less buying just a few favorites.

Remove the stress

It’s a waste of time and energy trying to decide what to wear. When you know what you’ve got, and your closet only carries what you love, it’s a no-brainer. Save your brain for bigger decisions.
When you’re wearing what feels right, you carry yourself with more confidence. Get rid of all those clothes you don’t feel great in. Buying from a thrift shop is inexpensive and it’s also a form of recycling. Mindful dressing can start you on a more mindful path in other areas of your life as well.