You’re looking for something to do with your kid, but you don’t want to spend $300 for a day at Disneyland. Wherever you’re located, there are several, fun, inexpensive, appropriate activities available for you and your youngster. We’ve got some budget-minded (and even free!) suggestions to lend to a memory-making day.

No Kid-ding, There’s a Lot to Do!

Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing to do. You want to do something with your child, but you just can’t come up with a new activity. It might feel like you’re always doing the same thing, or you can’t afford certain luxury outings.
Whether you live in a rural town, suburbia, or a city, believe it or not, there’s a plethora of options you can add to your child’s activity list. What seems like boring “big person” stuff can actually be kid-friendly and, ultimately, kid-enjoyable.

Friendly Faces and Culture Galore

Wherever you live or are visiting, the place has a history. It can be a memorable time when both you and your kid get to incorporate learning with a fun experience. Most locations have landmarks or historical symbols worth discovering and exploring.
Often, a local paper will note activities related to ceremonies, parades, and other cultural events that will take place. You’d be surprised how interesting the history of your locale can be. Many times there are re-enactments of historical events.
It’s also intriguing to hear about original settlers who arrived at your location. Cultural foods, costumes, and wares are often presented at fairs and other “town” events. There’s usually no admission fee to attend these types of festivals.
In a larger city, your opportunity to enjoy a variety of cultural events is widened. You can always go online and Google, “Kid-friendly things to do in__(your location)__ on      (the date)”.

Kid-Friendly Familiar Outings

  • The zoo is always a great place to visit. Check and see if your zoo offers tours or animal shows.
  • Museums are amazing. It can be something other than just the “Natural History.” Check out art museums, science, space, aircraft, even miniatures.
  • Aquariums are fascinating. Getting to learn about and watch sea creatures will fill a day with information and intrigue.
All of the above entry fees are minimal or sometimes by donation only.

Free Kid Activities (or Super Cheap)

  • In the winter if you’re near snow, there’s always sledding, snowball tossing, and snowman building.
  • In the summer if you’re near the beach or a lake, there’s always swimming, surfing, and sandcastle building.
  • Take a bus, train, tram, or ferry to somewhere nearby you’ve never been. Or, take any new mode of transportation just for the experience of riding it!
  • Check out what’s going on at the library. Sometimes there are great live-readers, storytelling, workshops, or free movies.
  • Visit a farmer’s market. Besides the delicious produce, there’s often musicians, craftsmen, and other artisans presenting their talents and wares.
  • Grab a couple of sleeping bags and a can of beans and go camping. An overnight in the mountains, desert, or even a backyard can be a memorable, fun time.
  • Visit a pet shelter. Go say hi to the animals. They love the attention, and they bring a smile to children’s faces. (Just don’t bring a new puppy home if your family is not equipped physically or financially.)

When Stuck, Indoor Activities

  • Play dodgeball with rolled up pairs of socks
  • Build a fort with chairs, sheets, towels, and blankets
  • Play card games and learn and practice card tricks
  • Tie-dye old socks, t-shirts, and pillow cases
  • Play hide and seek
  • Draw self-portraits on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or dry-erase markers

If you get into the mindset of a child’s imagination, the ideas for kid-friendly activities can be endless. Cherish your time together, no matter what you choose to experience. For other ideas on family matters, health, and optimum living, check out