Many of us have experienced unusual heart palpitations, seemingly out of the blue. One health writer offers reasons why you may feel “different”, which might calm you down.


Go to a doctor, an urgent care, or the ER if you are truly having symptoms of a heart attack, especially chest pain and dizziness. However, here are some considerations before you panic.

Coffee Break

How much coffee, soda, or other caffeinated beverages have you just ingested? Caffeine increases your heart rate. Abnormal palpitations can also be caused by dehydration—not drinking enough—water, that is. Try guzzling some H20 and see if symptoms decrease.

Pill Popping

Decongestants and prescription medicines can also have side effects that make the heart race. Some people who are anemic may feel their heart beating harder as well.
The most commonly experienced increase in heart rate occurs from anxiety. Remembering to take deep breaths, don’t sweat the small stuff, and getting proper rest should keep your heart beating nice and steady.