The number of children diagnosed with neurological and behavior disorders has increased exponentially over the years. There are so many chemical-based products in existence that it’s tough to pinpoint which ones may be toxic. In the meanwhile, a new French study hones in on one potentially dangerous element—insecticides.

Flying Under the Radar

A recent study suggests there is a direct link between insecticides and “abnormal” behavior in children. There is a commonly used group of insecticides called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are mostly used on crops, but they are evident in some mosquito repellents as well as shampoo for lice. These chemicals work on insects by damaging nerves.
Even low exposure to pyrethroids appears to create toxic effects. This particular study out of France shows an association between exposure and behavioral disorders in children. Additionally, a pyrethroid-linked chemical found in the urine of pregnant women suggested their children presented certain psychosocial negative behaviors.
Pyrethroids may affect signals in the human brain, just as they affect the neurochemical signaling in insects.

Rumors Buzzing

Of course, there will be naysayers in regards to the recent evidence presented in the publication Journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine. There is big business in insecticides, and those companies using pyrethroids do not want their product names’ tarnished. Nonetheless, when something is toxic, especially to children, we shouldn’t disregard warnings.

Personal Alternatives

Although we may be unable to control what farmers or the governments are using, at home we can opt for less toxic solutions or remedies. Here are some natural preparation examples:

  • Killing head lice. First, rinse hair with apple cider vinegar. Then, coat the hair thoroughly with coconut or olive oil, and then put on a shower cap. It takes over eight hours to “suffocate” them, but you can do it. Finally, you have to comb them out and rinse out the oil. Repeat this procedure once a week for three weeks.
  • Killing fleas. (On your pet) – Wash your pet with Dawn dish soap (don’t let it near their eyes.) As you work up a lather, add a stream of vinegar and massage in. Add plain water and let the mixture stay for about 10 minutes, if possible. Rinse out the soap and vinegar with water. Do not towel dry your pet. The smell of vinegar repels new fleas that may want to invade.
  • Repelling Mosquitoes. For your body, you can make a mixture of 1-part lemon eucalyptus oil to 10-parts of sunflower oil or witch hazel. Mosquitoes don’t like essential oils (like tea tree, clove, lavender, etc.), but always use a safe base like almond or sunflower oil if placing on the skin. Citronella is a collection of herbs used to repel the buggers also. It’s often found in candles.

With the prevalence of children diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and Autism, why risk adding to the inflated numbers? Not everyone will choose the safer, natural route. It’s a personal choice. What choice will you make?
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