Getting into the best shape possible requires that you switch up your exercise routine before your body adapts to it. You want to confuse your muscles. Combining two forms of training in one session makes for a successful hybrid experience.
Just like the “two heads are better than one” adage, the same holds true when it comes to getting the best physical results. Ideally, you’ll want to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
For example, dancing (aerobic) with weight-lifting (anaerobic), or Pilates with jumping rope, or yoga with sprinting intervals. The combinations are endless.
Double-dipping will actually allow you to lower your body fat while improving cardiovascular and muscle strength. One trainer offers a compelling list of classes offered around the U.S. Other formats include pairing trampolines with spinning with TRX with indoor wakeboards with ballet, and classes with live DJs, adding to the fun.
Hybrid workouts can keep you motivated, challenged, and get you to a whole new fitness level. Mix it up!