Are you tired of the discomfort, gas, and burning every time you eat? You may have acid reflux. Fortunately, there are many home remedies for acid reflux. We’re happy to share several ways to relieve your symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Acid Reflex?

First off, having acid reflux is not uncommon today. According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 20% of Americans suffer from it. The most common symptom is heartburn. This includes: a burning sensation in the belly, chest, or throat.
Home Remedies for Acid Reflux and Burning Belly

Why You Might Have Acid Reflux

Basically, acid reflux is a condition where your stomach acids go up into your esophagus. Hence, you get the awful, burning feeling. That discomfort is the acid literally moving back up from your belly, up through your chest, and possibly even into your throat. Consequently, you might actually taste this when you belch.
There’s a muscle that lies between your stomach and esophagus. It’s called the lower esophageal sphincter. It’s a ring-like muscle, which opens, allowing food into your belly when you swallow. Additionally, it naturally opens when you burp. Metaphorically, the muscle acts like a valve.
Unfortunately, when that muscle gets weak, it stops functioning properly. It doesn’t stay “shut.” The esophageal sphincter becomes too weak to block acids from coming back up. Therefore, your next question is, “How did that muscle weaken?”

The Reason for Home Remedies

We have to know what’s causing the problem in order to repair it. The goal is to stop the pain. That means stopping the acids from getting pushed back up into your esophagus.
Of course, you want home remedies for acid reflux to be successful. Ultimately, there are two things you need to do. 1) Stop weakening the esophageal muscle. 2) Let it heal.
So, what is weakening that important muscle?

Ways to Avoid Acid Reflux

Here is a list of things to avoid that may be creating damage:
-Excess belly weight. Your stomach could literally be pushing into the muscle. This can force acids to squeeze back up.
-Overeating or eating very large meals. This places pressure on the muscle, causing it to weaken. While you’re working on cutting down, perhaps try this supplement. It’s a natural, fast-acting enzyme to help you digest.
-Too many carbs. Primarily, the theory is that there are too many undigested carbohydrates. This can cause a bacterial overgrowth. A good idea to help your tummy repair with good bacteria—probiotic. Here’s an affordable, popular, natural supplement to assist with relief.

Enzymes with Probiotics and  Prebiotics

-Excessive alcohol consumption. It’s better to limit your alcohol intake.
-Carbonated beverages.
Studies have shown that coffee and other caffeinated beverages temporarily weaken the muscle.

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux Relief

Didn’t we agree we were tired of feeling so uncomfortable? Then, along with those things we should avoid, there are things we should add.
Here are some simple and surprising home remedies for acid reflux:

  • Elevate the head of your bed. Stick a board or a thick book under the legs. This will keep the stomach acids lower in the body. Gravity is good.
  • Sleep on your left side. The esophagus enters the right side of your belly. This will keep the acids farther away.
  • Take notes after you eat. Try to deduce which foods make you feel the worst. Stop eating those for a while.
  • Alkaline your diet. This means cutting out citrus, tomatoes, and other acidic foods.
  • Add foods such as: celery, papaya, green apples, berries, avocados, and other alkaline foods. Papaya has great digestive enzymes.
  • Try drinking aloe vera as a protective coating. Follow directions on the bottle or from a specialist.
  • Place 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. Drink up once a day.
  • Eat your last meal of the day approximately 4 hours before going to bed.
  • Replace common table salt with Himalayan crustal salt (or a salt that contains natural chloride and other minerals.) You might like this option.
  • Drink chamomile tea before bed to help neutralize stomach acid.
  • Add fresh herbs such as basil, fennel, and turmeric to assist with the inner healing process. Excellent home remedies for acid reflux.
  • Add foods high in fiber to help digest any carbs you may be eating. These include: carrots, beans, beets, whole grains, etc.

The Successful Bottom Line

As you can see, getting better and feeling better is a process. We can’t just take a pill or eat one special food and expect to heal. A quick fix might relieve discomfort temporarily. But, in order to make this problem go away for good, we have to commit to healthier lifestyle choices.
You can do it, and you can do it with home remedies for acid reflux. As a precaution, always check with you health practitioner. Along with what you’ve already got, consider adding these affordable, well tested, products below. And, always feel free to check in with GetThrive for healthy, happy, life tips.

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