“It is a kingly act to assist the fallen”.  These words were spoken by Mother Teresa during her travels helping the sick and impoverished.

Finding Happiness

Most of us believe that our purpose in life is to pursue happiness, but happiness is often an unattainable ideal.  Things that make us happy are often short lived once we acquire and achieve them. But not when it comes to helping someone in need. Somehow, when we see others in a desperate plight, it can shift our focus from what we lack to how we can make a difference.  It can take our pursuits down a more wholesome path and create a stronger fulfillment knowing we did something that mattered.  Helping others may give us an honest purpose and make our lives more meaningful.

Relief: On The Way

World Relief is an organization that responds to devastation created by disaster, health-related calamities and other worthy initiatives.  They facilitate funds and enable local churches to reach out and help their communities and are currently empowering local leaders in Haiti to direct their own relief efforts.
According to World Relief, Haitian officials reported that 350,000 residents are in need of immediate aid.  While they are taking action to help the urgent needs, they also implement programs to create sustainable growth and development.  Although it will take time to restore the communities in Haiti, high priority is currently for those who require medical attention, housing, clothing and food. Families can have their most basic needs met as the country works toward a healthy and prosperous future.

How To Help

If you wish to help those in Haiti, you can do so through the outreach programs of World Relief or other organizations you believe will improve the lives of the ones suffering in this devastated country. Happiness doesn’t have to be an elusive goal; making a difference in Haiti can help restore the lives of individuals and families and still bring fulfillment into your own life. Make the choice today to give your time, resources or energy to a worthy cause, and you’ll see how Mother Teresa’s words ring true in your heart.
To give to the World Relief fund for Haiti, go to http://www.worldrelief.org/.