Snacks are good—if they are healthy. Snacking can actually help you burn fat faster than if you skip eating when you’re hungry. Choosing the right foods will offer a great selection for your snacking pleasure.
Exercise isn’t the only way to burn fat. Eating the proper combination of healthy foods increases metabolism. Boosting metabolism burns calories at a more rapid rate, even when you’re sleeping.
So don’t be hesitant to snack if you truly feel hungry. First, try some water (because many times we confuse hunger with thirst.) If after you drink, your body is genuinely asking for fuel, then offer it some.

Burning Without Boredom

Sure, carrots are a great source of beta-carotene and fiber. They’re crunchy, tasty, and really are one of the healthiest snack foods around. But carrots, alone, day after day, can get so boring.
Adding a “good fat” to raw veggies is a great way to extend the length of your feeling full. Good carbs mixed with good fats makes the most of your protein intake. It also allows your body to readily absorb the important nutrients from your foods.

Simple Mixing and Matching

Like when you create a quality, but practical-based wardrobe, you choose items that will work well with others. You also pick classic winners that you know won’t disappoint. This action is similar when creating healthy snacks, especially when your taste buds want you to mix it up a bit.
Column A items are suggestions for healthy spreads or dips. Column B are foods used as healthy dippers or holders. For each snack, choose One item from column A and pair it with any number of items from column B. Your palate and your belly will be sure to stay interested in your snacking choices.

Column A

Guacamole, or a plain ripe avocado
Almond, peanut, or cashew butter
Unsweetened sunflower seed butter
Artichoke dip (preferably prepared with nut milk, not mayo)

Column B

Hard-boiled cage-free egg
Sweet-potato chips (no corn, just sweet potatoes)
Chips made from black or navy beans
Root veggie chips
Gluten-free crackers
Herb flat bread (preferably prepared from almond or tapioca flour)


Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, dairy, and wheat flour. You may not have an allergy to any on that list, but they can (and often do) cause inflammation in the body. It’s almost impossible to lose weight when you have inflammation. (Read here for more on inflammation and diet.)
Other easy go-to’s are: nut butter on banana or apple slices; smoothies made with berries, leafy greens, almond milk, and flaxseed, chia, or avocado oil; a variety of nuts mixed with gluten-free oats and unsweetened dried fruits.
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