Everyone’s gone back home. Or you’re back home. It was just first of the many “big” holidays, and you’re already exhausted. Here are some “healthy” ways to communicate your state of mind.

Spa-free Communication

Not all of us can afford to go to a spa for three nights to wind down from the stress. Sure, we may have had a day or two off from work, but the holidays are a different kind of work. Regardless if they’re fabulous and you’ve anticipated these dates, they still take a toll once they pass.
Calm, quiet time is necessary. You know that book that you want to cuddle up with? It’s never getting opened unless you let everyone know what’s going to happen. How about binge-watching that British series? Instead, you’ll be viewing Zootopia for the fifth time if you don’t speak up.
In your gentlest, friendliest tone, feel free to express to your friends and family that you have some ideas of your own.

Sample Questions and Responses

“Mom, can the soccer team come over for leftovers tomorrow?”
“I’ll be happy to pack a large cooler of food and drinks, and y’all can take it to the park for the afternoon. Bring your key because I’ll be home napping.”
“Can you make pancakes for breakfast?”
“I certainly can. Which day in 2017 would you like?”
“I have nothing clean to wear to the party tonight! Can you do the laundry?”
“Here’s $5. If you run down now, the Goodwill should still be open.”
“Honey, what are making you for dinner tonight?”
wait for it….. “Reservations.”

Alerting and Taking Action

So many people are used to relying on us that we really have to verbalize our needs sometimes. If you’re exhausted from cooking, cleaning, hosting, listening, driving, etc., you just have to let everyone know that you’re not at full steam.
When we become depleted of energy, it causes crankiness, shortness, and many times, miscommunication. Finding clear, kind ways to tell your family and friends what you need is necessary.
Once you’ve given notice, take the “you time!” Again, it doesn’t have to be an exotic vacation or a shopping spree. It could be curling up in bed with a piece of that delicious apple pie. Maybe it’s just going to the park with your dog. Perhaps you just want to sit and stare out the window.
Communicate and then un-plug. Let yourself relax, and e stay away from social media and the telephone. Allow your brain to turn to mush and rest. You deserve it! (Besides, you need to rejuvenate for the next shindig.)