Depression can be caused and ongoing due to negative, self-destructive thoughts. A behavioral, therapeutic exercise—asking yourself questions—questions that challenge those negative thoughts—just might bring about some happier answers for you.

Socrates Can Help

Socrates was the famous philosopher who questioned everything, looking for real answers. Therapists are using Socratic-type questions to help clients help themselves out of the doldrums.

Ponder This

If your marriage is rocky, for example, does that make you a complete failure? What else are you successful in? What specifically is a challenge in the relationship?

Have you ever been able to overcome a challenge?

Can you do it again?


Depression can become heavy when it looms over us and seems all encompassing. Breaking down and examining what is at the core, may be a small matter—perhaps even a glitch. Happier days are ahead when we cash in our negative thoughts for positive ones.