Caffeine Kickers

What is the one thing you need to get going in the morning? If you said coffee, then you agree with millions of other Americans who frequent local coffee chains and shops every morning. Caffeine can have a lot of negative side effects; It can keep us from getting rest and adequate sleep. It can cause us to eat more, and it can even stain our teeth. But a new study shows that coffee might actually help us prevent heart disease.

Moderation is Everything

New studies show that a moderate consumption of coffee each day may decrease the risk of heart disease and even strokes (which are among the leading causes of death.) But what is moderate? The studies show that drinking an average of three cups per day resulted in a 21-percent decrease in patients dying from heart disease.

Java Jitters

Of course, moderation is everything. Too much caffeine can have adverse side effects, which can result in weight gain, heart palpitations, along with the promotion of other diseases.
The next time you to pull into the drive-thru of your favorite coffee shop, do it with joy. If your intake is moderate, enjoy your stop, and delight that you are making both your mind and your body healthy.