Victoria Yillia, first person in Sierra Leone to survive the Ebola virus, recently gave birth to healthy boy. After her challenging bout with the life-threatening virus, she had been told she could never carry a child.
Miracle Mixed With Tragedy: Victoria met her now husband at 16. When she was 20, she became pregnant with their first child. When she miscarried, that’s when she was diagnosed with Ebola—that’s what had killed the fetus. That outbreak also killed 21 other members of her family, including her parents, sisters, aunts, and uncles.
National Survivor’s Day: Victoria has a holiday named for her by the president of Sierra Leone. At 23, she is deemed healthy and has given birth to child they named Barnabus, meaning “son of consolation”. The event is bittersweet. Barnabus is the future for her family. He represents the hope and faith that Victoria, her husband, and the ravaged country had lost—and now regained.