Have you ever seen a toddler walking around with bad posture? As we get older or stuck behind a desk, we often develop lousy sitting habits. This affects our body, how we stand, and our ability to move comfortably. Alas, ergonomic furniture may be the key to helping improve your posture and, in turn, boosting your health.

The Power of Gravity

If you think about it, it takes energy for us to hold our bodies upright. We’ve got the weight of gravity constantly pushing down on us. It’s almost as if we need to be mindful of how we carry ourselves during all of our waking hours.     
When our posture is good, we don’t have to use as much energy because our bodies function efficiently. Our joints are originally, naturally aligned, allowing our bones to fit together the way our bodies were created. But, when we slump into poor posture, muscles are strained and joints and bones become misaligned. And then, we have to exert more energy to compensate for the inefficiency.
The bottom line is that good posture is essential to our overall health and wellbeing. If ergonomic furniture and bodily awareness can help, perhaps they’re worth a try.

Proper Posture is Queen Sized

When we’re adolescents, adults often remark on our posture. Are they offering suggestions to stand up straight because we would look better? Probably. In addition, however, there are other reasons to practice good posture.

  • keeps our bones and joints in alignment
  • slows down the wear and tear of joint surfaces
  • may deter the onset on arthritis
  • avoids strain on muscles
  • may prevent back, shoulder, and neck aches
  • may prevent unwanted spinal issues
  • allows more oxygen into our lungs
  • aids with proper digestion

Is Furniture in Your Future?

If using ergonomic furniture can help you improve your posture, then place it on your wish list. Sometimes these fancy chairs will cost more than a typical rolling office seat. However, it’s well worth the extra expense—especially if it’s saving money spent on chiropractors, physical therapy, medicines and other pain remedies.
For one, it’s been proven that an ergonomic chair allows you to sit for longer periods with more comfort. It also lets you customize the seat to fit your specific body and its needs. Generally, the armrest support is adjustable, allowing your arms to hang naturally and your shoulders to relax.
You can also adjust the height of the seat. This will let your feet rest flat on the floor. In turn, your hips can remain aligned. When the back of the chair protects your lumbar spine (lower back) and the seat is at optimum height level, you can also help keep your pelvis aligned. (You can test if you’re sitting properly if you can feel your sitz bones when you rock from side to side.)

The Best Seats in The House

For ergonomic furniture, such as a chair, you’ll want one with a high back. It should support your neck, upper-, middle-, and lower-spine. One chair we like is the Ficmax Ergonomic High-Back Chair, especially because it offers a 360-degree swivel, an electric massager, thick armrests, and an adjustable footrest.     
If you’ve got a decent high-back chair and can’t get another with all the bells and whistles, consider purchasing a comfy lumbar cushion. This will support your lower back and that natural curve, while also promoting proper posture. A good cushion can be used in the seat of your car, your office chair, a wheelchair, and even on an airplane. We recommend checking out the Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Cushion, especially because it has not one, but two adjustable straps to hold the lumbar pillow in place.  
There are many pieces of ergonomic furniture that you can research these days. A chair and a lumbar pillow are probably your most helpful allies if you just want to get one or two items to start. Your posture plays a large role in your overall health. Utilizing any tools to help keep you sitting and standing up straight will be an investment worthwhile.
For more tips on maintaining and improving your spinal health, as well as the overall health of you and your family, please enjoy Get Thrive!