Dr. Dave Campbell discusses the Dangers of Synthetic Drug Use and Flakka

After a Tragic Murder in Dr. Dave Campbell’s hometown, Dr. Dave discusses the dangers of Synthetic Drug use in America.
As a  regular contributor to Morning Joe, Dr. Dave spoke about flakka and other synthetic drugs, which served as the catalyst to the tragic murders in Tequesta, FL last week. Show host, Joe Scarborough, invited Dr. Campbell on set to discuss the alarming emergence of synthetic drug availability in the United States.
If you would like to see Dr. Dave Campbell’s Morning Joe segment, you can view it here.
In addition to his private practice, David Campbell Spine Center MDPA in Jupiter and West Palm Beach, Dr. Campbell also serves as founder of Thrive (getthrive.com), a daily health and wellness newsletter with a growing network of over 300,000 devoted followers.
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