Chances are, if you need a chill-pill every time you think of math problems, your children will too.

It’s No One’s Fault

Do you suffer from post-traumatic-math-stress? Then you are not unlike many parents these days. The problem is that our child can smell it coming—our fear. Some experts say it might be better if we don’t try to help kids with their math homework; they don’t need our negative input or confusion.

A Minus

One study showed that parents’ aversion to the school math, unfortunately, reflected in the children’s grades. The student’s math scores were a third less when nervous moms or dads worked on homework together. The good news was that the tension did not effect the kids’ reading tests or other subjects.
If you’re a math whiz, hop aboard the tutor train. But if you are scared of word problems and algebraic expressions, stay away from your kids’ homework.