Believe it or not, actress Cameron Diaz is 43 years young. In her new book, The Longevity Book, Diaz addresses the topic of aging, which is something she appears to be doing quite well.
There’s no secret to aging well,” Diaz comments. When you live well, you can age well. She discusses her main pillars of well-being: good nutrition, keep the body moving, practice proper sleeping habits, stress release, and engage in loving, connected, meaningful relationships.
Embracing 40 can be a challenge for many. But Diaz explains that many wonderful things come with life after 40. One particular anecdote she shares is certainly worthy of consideration.
Being an actress, she was constantly asked about whether she was scared to reach 40. “Why should I be afraid?…..Not everybody gets to grow old.” She’s got a point—there’s really only one alternative. Might as well be grateful for aging!