Do you want to avoid surgery? The condition you’ve acquired may actually be relieved without an invasive process. How about trying a carpal tunnel natural treatment first? Ah, then you’ve come to the right place…

What’s The Toll To Go Through The Tunnel?

You’ve got some nerve! That’s right. You’ve got a median nerve. And, it travels through a very, very narrow slim space that goes from your forearm to your hand. 
For starters, that tunnel is very narrow. Also note, when the nerve experiences pressure, overuse, or repetitive movement, it can become inflamed. In turn, you can experience numbness, tingling, and pain because of the compression on the nerve.
So, if you’re sewing too long or too often, you’re going to pay a high toll. Many people who use their hands for fine motor-skills repeatedly, will pay too. Subsequently, you might ask, “How do I prevent these negative effects?” Even worse, “How do I relieve the pain?”
The answers will most likely lie in a carpal tunnel natural treatment plan. Stay tuned…

The Stops and Starts Traveling in the Tunnel

Of course, you’ll want a health care practitioner’s expert opinion before completely diagnosing yourself. In the meanwhile, check the list below for possible symptoms.
What stops:
-full strength in your grip
-the ability to move your hand “normally”
-your proficiency to use your fingers as diligently
What starts:
-weakness in your thumb and other fingers
-pain that throbs in your hand (or forearm)
waking up with numb hands
These are just a few indicators that it’s time to take precautions or remedy actions. Perhaps a carpal tunnel natural treatment?

Time to Travel the Road of Carpal Tunnel Natural Treatment

First of all, you don’t need to be a new-age hippy to try an arthritis, diabetes, or carpal tunnel natural treatment. All it means is that you have options. Rightfully, you can safely try remedies at home. Especially ones that do not require a doctor or a scalpel.
You may not like this first suggestion. It may cramp your style or cost you money. Neither are the intent of recommendation. The idea is to get better. With that said, #1 is…

  • Take a little time off. If your job requires you to be sewing, cutting, ironing, typing all day, etc. you may need to take a break. Ask your boss for sick time. If that’s not possible, ask for more breaks during the day. Maybe your shift has to be longer (to account for the down time you’ll need), but we’re talking about your health. If you’re a quilter or seamstress by hobby, think about a week or two of rest and an alternate, passive, hobby. It’s just temporary. Rest is essential.


  • Carpal tunnel natural treatment requires stretching. Whenever you think of it, stretch your fingers out as wide as they can go. Next, roll your wrists slowly around. First in one direction, and then switch to the other. If you raise your hands above your head, that should help relieve pressure too. If you have to, set an alarm for about every 20 minutes to remind yourself to stop your activity. Look online for nerve gliding exercises. Finally, give yourself the stretching break you deserve (and need.)

Copper Compression gloves to relieve pain and also keep your hands warm while working.

The Road is Long and Bountiful With Remedies

  • If you recall, we already spoke about the problem “inflammation” was causing. Well, that doesn’t occur just from repetitive movement. Many foods you eat can create an inflammatory situation in your body. Your diet may be more closely linked to your carpal tunnel than you know.

It’s time to add: whole foods, whole fruits, fermented foods, lean protein, leafy greens, foods high in omega 3’s (fish and nuts), and good fats (avocados, olive oil).
Alternately, it’s time to cut out (or reduce): bad fats, high carbs, processed and packaged foods. (That includes many store-bought dressings, lunch meats, breads, sweets, and alcohol.)
Drink TONS of water. Most noteworthy, it’s to stay hydrated. Secondly, it’s to carry away all the waste. Toxins are inflammatory! What could be more carpal tunnel natural treatment than H2O?

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements can be helpful. As well, experts generally prefer that we get our nutrients from real food. However, sometimes we have to opt for second best. There is a gamut of supplements you can take to boost your immune and digestive systems. One important vitamin is B6. It is significant in reducing nerve swelling and damage. Likewise, the mineral Magnesium has been found to relieve nerve stress and reduce tightness.
  • High Absorption Magnesium

The Long and Winding Relief Road Goes On…

  • Thankfully, essential oils are more readily available these days. Essential oils, especially Frankincense, helichrysum, and myhrr are great healers for inflammation. Check out a large selection of quality oils to help you heal. They can be used directly (a small drop) on pressure points. Additionally, you can use them in your bath. Another option is to place a few drops in hot paraffin wax and warm your hands with that treatment. See if these appeal to you…


  • Acupressure can also help relieve pain, as mentioned above. Especially if used with essential oils. Furthermore, another ancient form of healing is acupuncture. Most importantly, find a qualified and referred acupuncturist. The real deal can have an amazing positive effect on your health and wellbeing.


  • Herbs and homeopathy can also be a remedy for pain. You really need an herbalist or naturopath to offer the best advice. However, you can research which types of herbs work best for your dilemma. But, be cautious. This is a form of medicine. You don’t want to take something you don’t need or too much of something you do.

On that note, a homeopathic remedy that may help work as a carpal tunnel natural treatment is Arnica. It’s becoming more popular these days. You can take pellets orally or it come in cream or arnica gel (which you can rub onto your sore hands.) Other suggestions would include: Boswellia, St John’s Wort, and Bromelain. These come in capsules drops, and maybe even creams.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

As we hope you’ll find, there is relief in sight. As for a cure, it’s possible that you’ll be able to use our tips and external resources to guide you on that path.
Many people are able to overcome carpal tunnel without having surgery. And if it turns out that’s your last resort, the odds are still in your favor to getting relief. Nevertheless, please check in at GetThrive for all your health concerns and needs. We want you to live to most joyous, healthy life you desire. Check out our newsletter at GetThrive. @GetThrive.