Experiencing burning, tingling, numbness in your hands or fingers? Perhaps it’s worse at night? Do you want relief? Alas, carpal tunnel home treatment can bring relief and here’s how…

Do You Think It’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

First, you’ll have to judge by your symptoms. Here are some common complaints:

  • Numbness or pins-and-needles sensation in the palm of your hand
  • A feeling of pain or swelling in thumb, index, and/or middle fingers
  • Waking up at night with wrists, hands, or fingers burning or tingling
  • Decreased grip strength
  • Reduced ability to tell between hot or cold to the touch

You may have this syndrome if this list fits your experience. If so, you’re not alone. About 5% of the population has an occurrence with carpal tunnel. The good news is that carpal tunnel home treatment can help you.

Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Wrist Splint

Rolyan Arthritis Mitt Wrist Splint

Why Is This Happening?

Most notably, your symptoms are a result of an everyday type of activity. Some experts believe it can develop due to repetitive motions. Some of these hand actions include: sewing, typing, playing an instrument, massaging, or using vibrating tools.
Since carpal tunnel is the most common nerve-related hand disorder, it’s probably the likely culprit. At least initially. Another interesting fact is that middle-aged women tend to develop this condition more than other demographics.
Aside from those causes, here’s why it feels the way it does. The carpal tunnel is a passage that houses the median nerve. The nerve travels from the arm and through the wrist. Finally, it leads to the hand. Swelling in the tunnel occurs from activity. Hence, inflammation sets in, making the passage even narrower. Now, this places pressure on the nerves. Consequently, that’s why it hurts or creates numbness.

Is Carpal Tunnel Home Treatment for Me?

None of the suggested home remedies are harmful. If they can relieve your pain, they may be worth trying. In general, a health practitioner would advocate home treatment as a beginning step. Rushing to injections or surgery may have negative effects and are most of all used as a last resort.

Where Do I Begin?

First of all, try to establish what’s creating your pain? Is it overuse of your wrist? Is it repetitive motion from work or a hobby?

  • Especially relevant is that you can temporarily discontinue activity for. You can take a break from repetitive tasks. This will allow internal swelling to decrease. Hence, your injury can actually start to heal.
  • Continue the task, but change your motion. In other words, modify how you’re using your fingers and wrists.
  • If your action is necessary for work and you can’t stop, get a brace or splint. Keeping the wrist level will be key.
  • Use a brace at night. Many of us tend to curl up our wrists when we sleep. The brace will help reduce pressure on the nerve.
Compression Gloves

Compression Gloves

What Other Carpal Tunnel Home Treatment Are There?

  • Elevate your hands over your head. Stretch your fingers out. Roll your wrists. Extend the muscles, but stop if it becomes more painful.
  • Apply topical menthol ointments to your forearm, wrists, and hands.
  • Dilute a few drops of essential oils in water and rub into affected areas. Most noteworthy would be peppermint, frankincense, wintergreen or cypress essential oils.
  • Another remedy is herbs. Use anti-inflammatory properties found in ginger, turmeric, bromelain, and boswellia. They can be sprinkled in foods or taken as supplements.

As with any healing efforts, you’ll need to keep in mind healthy living choices. Daily, these include: proper nutrition, good rest, exercise, and stress management.
Check with your health care practitioner on your condition. An early diagnosis is paramount. Carpal tunnel home treatment is a great start to a cure. Finally, it’s the best way to prevent permanent nerve damage.
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