A newly published study confirms that a low-dose of aspirin daily over a five-year period significantly reduces the chances of getting colorectal cancer.

“Take Two Aspirin And…”

The Danish study followed 113 participants. Taken consistently for at least five years, one or two baby-aspirin lowers the risk for colon cancer. There have been studies about long-term use of ibuprofen as well, but the dosage amount and the time necessary for effectiveness has not been established.

Doctors Orders

The aspirin in the study was given by prescription from doctors. No over-the-counter drugs were used. This is an element that needs consideration before the public decides to self-medicate.

Although this is great news for those who may be prone to getting that form of cancer, there are risks associated with prolonged use of aspirin. Side effects can include bleeding in the stomach. Only a physician can inform and help you make a decision if one risk outweighs another.