There’s an herbal supplement that’s been known to help with focus, energy, mood, libido, and fat burning—Rhodiola. Read through to see how amazingly it works, how much to take, side effects, and other informative details.

Arctic Root

Rhodiola Rosea is sometimes called Golden Root, Arctic Root, King’s Crown, among other names. Its extracts are derived from a perennial flowering plant, which grows in cold, mountainous regions. The herb is thought to increase memory and mood, regulate heartbeat, protect cells from damage, help burn fat and more.


Many skeptics will point to the lack of human studies on the effects of Rhodiola. Also, the FDA regulates herbs as dietary supplements. Manufacturers don’t need FDA approval to sell dietary supplements. Hence, people are mistrusting of herbal supplements—with good reason.
Always know the source of your product. Check all the ingredients and their amounts within the supplement. A good Rhodiola capsule will contain approximately 3% rosavin’s and 1% Salidroside. You may prefer a herb that’s formulated and distributed in the U.S. The recommended supplemental dose of Rhodiola Rosea extract is around 250-500mg taken daily, once or twice.

Side Effects

Most sources will claim that Rhodiola has no side effects. In truth, side effects, if any, are not regarded as being “clinically significant.” Rhodiola is adaptogenic so that reactions would be mild compared to other drugs and supplements. The herb may have a stimulatory effect, which could cause agitation. Headaches have been minimally reported, but all that’s necessary if it happens is to stop taking it.

Positive Effects

A study conducted several years ago found that Rhodiola was effective in relieving symptoms of depression. A six-week trial observed 89 people with diagnosed mild to moderate depression. Those who took Rhodiola (as opposed to those on a placebo) showed improvement in overall depression levels and specific symptoms.
Rhodiola helps with weight loss, especially in the belly area. Rosavin, the compound in Rhodiola, triggers a response that breaks down fat in the adipose tissue.
Rhodiola also increases sensitivity in the brain and nervous system cells. This, in turn, balances levels of dopamine and serotonin. Use of the herb has shown to increase in memory and focus. Mood and libido can also improve.
Other positives attributed to taking Rhodiola are its anti-inflammatory properties and cortisol lowering ability. Inflammation and high cortisol levels (from stress) are at the core of most chronic diseases. It’s for this reason many are experimenting with Rhodiola supplements to decrease the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune conditions.

Final Words

Even if Rhodiola proves to provide all the aforementioned health benefits, we still need to practice clean living. Getting enough rest is essential. Eating a proper diet and daily exercise are also “musts.” Keeping our stress levels in check through deep breathing, meditation, and yoga is also recommended.
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