Your Brain

You’ve heard of the left-brain, right-brain classification.  What you may be less familiar with, though, is how those terms originated.  Dating back to the 1960’s, a group of psychologists led by Roger Sperry began treating patients with epileptic seizures.  Over the course of their treatment, the team learned how both sides of the brain were able to function independently of one another.

Since then, much time and effort have been devoted to the task of brain study.  And while it’s become fairly common for people to refer to themselves as either left or right-brained, it’s not that simple.  It isn’t an all or nothing proposition.  Everyone uses different parts of their brains in a variety of ways.

Left or Right

There are dominant features that people tend to favor, though.  If your unsure which portion of the brain seems more like you, there are many tools to help.  From a very fundamental perspective, people who are considered more analytical (think scientists, accountants and the like) are referred to as left-brained.  Those who are more creative (artists or musicians for instance) are called right-brained.

To be clear, not every type of work falls directly into one of these two categories.  The further we move into the 21st Century, the most dual skills are appreciated.  Employers value people who can combine many competencies in the fulfillment of their job responsibilities.  Those organizations comprised of folks with a diverse set of competence that complements one another often benefit from these arrangements.

Use It To Your Advantage

If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t playing to your strengths, like you were swimming upstream in your career, taking an inventory to determine your skill-set may be a worthwhile investment of your time.  Perhaps you’re simply not using your abilities the best way possible.

Here’s to all the left and right-brainers out there!