If you haven’t yet heard about the popularity of certain weight loss pills, you must not live on this planet. Some have received a lot of praise while others have been equally condemned. The proponents of these weight loss tablets usually swear that they work.
However, the critics are always ready to cut them down. Some big names in the medical field have endorsed a few of them. Below are several weight loss tablets and diets with apparent controversy around the world.

The K-E Diet

If you don’t want to risk eating food and putting on weight, the Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet is said to nourish your body via a dripping tube through the nostrils. Are you serious? So, do you wear this dripping tube all day long? Well, the diet last for ten days and you are allowed to eat other things, but on a strict regimen.
The dripping tube contains liquid solution with a combination of protein, fat and water to give the dieter approximately 800 calories a day. Some experts say that you will have a caloric deficit, which will cause you to go into ketosis. This is the process of burning fat to provide the energy you need to lose weight.
Let’s talk…Now what do you think about this process? Would you try it? Many are doing just that. You must check with your doctor first before trying any diet.

Fast Diet

How fast do you want to lose weight? Many people think that the fast diet works. How does this work? This diet allows you to eat anything you want for five days out of the week and then eat barely anything for the other two days.
Be advised…Of course, the five days require no willpower on your part, but the fasting for two days is really something that you have to seriously commit to.


The popular Dr. Oz swears by Forskolin. In fact, he does speak about it a lot on his shows. However, critics believe that the claims made that Forskolin can help people to lose weight is exaggerated. However, proponents say that it does because Forskolin increases the creation of cyclic AMP. What that does is to increasingly burn fat.
Be advised…However, no conclusive proof has shown that it does result in human weight loss – but only in rodents.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz also swears by green coffee bean extract. These beans are unroasted and so they still have the chlorogenic acids in them. For this reason, proponents like Dr. Oz believe that when consumed, they allow people to lose weight, but possibly works even better when combined with Forskolin and/or Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This product contains hydroxycitric acid, which is said to have an impact on weight loss. Studies done on rodents have proven that this product inhibits the creation of citrate lyase and produces a higher level of serotonin.
Of course, there are mixed emotions about this, but many people have claimed to lose weight when this product is taken consistently for at least three months.

HCG Diet

The HCG diet is the most controversial of all, but it has gotten mixed reviews and is popular among women. Many women have sworn that it works. Like other diets, HCG is a low calorie diet. It suppresses your appetite, which is probably the reason that you would lose weight.
Be aware…The question is what would happen if you stopped taking it? Would you put the weight back on?
If you want to know more about weight loss and how you can lose weight safely and be healthy, contact us here at Get Thrive. There is no magic solution to losing weight. What you should strive for is a healthy lifestyle.