One much beloved singer, performer, poet, songwriter, music producer, and philanthropist, along with wearing (and loving) other hats (including a raspberry beret), passed from this earth recently. One of his names was Prince. Since his death, the topic of chemtrails has abruptly re-emerged in the global news.

The Atmosphere

It’s a controversial, sticky, yet curious subject: chemtrails. What are they? Well, that’s the part that’s up for debate. Some claim it’s a natural result from what we can see in the sky forming from gasses in the atmosphere (trailing from planes)—harmless and innocent. Others suspect it’s a trail of chemicals emitted into our atmosphere, purposefully.

What’s in these chemicals and why are they are being disbursed amongst us through the air we breathe? Then, this becomes further identified as a “conspiracy theory”. Prince, in his last few years, spoke openly and wrote songs attempting to bring awareness to his views on the radically diverse subject.

Back in 2008, the civil rights activist Dick Gregory spoke at the “State of the Black Union”. This speech greatly affected Prince. Gregory claimed that via chemtrails, village, towns, and cities have been transformed by chemical emissions into the air—via aircraft.

The Mineral

His main topic was regarding the release of the mineral manganese into our atmosphere. He sites a town in Australia where the homicide rate proved to be 200% more than the actual population, which was coincidentally located next to the largest manganese plant in the world.

He suggested that knowing what’s inside what you eat, drink, and breathe compels an awareness of many behaviors, even aggression.

In essence, Gregory was claiming that much of the violence we experience in our inner cities may be caused by air toxicity—not just from carbon emissions, smoke, and the usual suspects, but rather by intended poisoning.


Those who subscribe to the existence of purposefully created chemtrails, believe they are used for many reasons. As already stated, one is for psychological manipulation of specified populations. Other theories speculate that the purpose of utilizing these planes (and chemicals) is to control human population, modify the weather, manage solar radiation, or, at its worst, produce chemical and/or biological warfare.

According to the Oxford Geoengineering Programme, ingredients found in chemtrails include barium, radioactive thorium, and yellow fungal mycotoxins. Actor, martial arts champion, and activist Chuck Norris recently concurred that global geoengineering schemes may already be underway. He believes there is evidence that points to weather modification experimentation already covertly being conducted.


Besides speculation and celebrity endorsement, there are other references that strengthen some of these theories including a 2003 National Center for Biotechnology Information abstract, which concludes, “aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination.”

Another paper, eventually published by the National Institutes of Health, discusses vaccines for humans, “This method has already been used successfully in large populations and has therefore passed the phase of initial feasibility evaluation.”

Naysayers of these theories are abundant. Across the board, there is equivalent evidence to debunk chemtrail conspiracies. As far as planes as transport for infecting large populations, “Stratospheric passenger flights are likely an inefficient geoengineering strategy,” and the analysis of the use of commercial aircraft tracks for climate engineering, has shown them to be generally unsuitable.

Harmful Or Harmless?

Basically, the argument is that any chemicals released at the height of a commercial flight would degrade before reaching the ground, or disperse it’s dangers so far away that it would become harmless.

Regardless of others’ beliefs, what do you think of these bizarre cloudy patterns left in the sky after a jet travels by? Even if all of this turns out to be a ruse, no time or energy is ever wasted on investigating what’s best for our health and for the health of our children.