Who can deny the positive power of meditation? Perhaps those who have never tried it or read anything about it? And although meditation is touted as overall “being good for you”, in general, there are a few specific benefits that may surprise you.

Meditation Practice

There are many various techniques on how to study and practice meditation. It’s an ancient application, which has transformed over time and the globe. The core of any meditation practice is the breath. Focusing on breathing is essential regardless of one’s style. And decreasing stress is the number one priority.
Whether you’re sitting on the floor, lying down, in the dark, in a room heated to 90 degrees, etc., the objective of meditation will all basically be the same. The goal is to enjoy a calm body and mind. When meditating, the basic objective is to relieve your mind of thoughts and stressors. It’s a guide to help stop random thoughts and worrying, and just “be.”

Reduce Wrinkles

When we’re tense, we are apt to make strong facial expressions. Repeating the same angry or worried looks can create lines in the face. Our forehead can become creased and the lines in our furrows can dig deeper.
Meditation can quiet facial muscles. Stress affects 75 million Americans daily. It creates inflammation, even in skin. A stressed out face naturally appears to have more wrinkles.
One study showed that those who meditated looked younger—anywhere from 2 years to 12 years depending on how long they had been practicing meditation.

Reduce Acne, Beautiful Complexion

We can definitely point to stress as one culprit when it comes to acne. Stress doesn’t directly create pimples, but the inflammation from the underlying stress does. The stress hormone creates an oily substance in cells, which then mixes with dead skin cells. Pores become clogged, and, alas, acne appears.
Meditation can provide the balance necessary to improve skin condition. It works from the inside out. The results of meditating are reduced blood pressure and heart rate. Alternately, cellular oxygen and blood flow increases. This action helps remove toxins from our organs (including the skin.) Nutrients are brought to the surface, giving it moisture and radiance.

Alleviate Depression

MRI scans have shown how meditation improves mental focus. Part of what perpetuates our sense of depression is the focus on negative thoughts and despair. An Italian neuroscientist, Giuseppe Pagnoni, found that meditation can change brain patterns.
With that information, it’s possible to see how meditation may alleviate symptoms of depression. Negative continuous thoughts could conceivably be replaced by positive ones. Meditation can help an individual to ignore the dark thoughts and give the brain a rest from worry and angst.
Aside from the above benefits, meditation also provides a wealth of others. One of the most valuable, however, is that those who meditate may actually live longer.  Meditation positively affects our stress response. Less stress equals increased quality of health—and life. Read GetThrive for more tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.