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Month: February 2019

CBD Oil for Pain Relief and Decreased Inflammation

Homeopathy and use of essential oils, including CBD oil, can boost your immune system. The concept is to use small doses of natural substances to stimulate your body’s responses. Often, homeopathy is often questioned as a valid preventative or healing treatment. Mostly however, in today’s western society, everyone is used to a “quick fix.” Alternately, just because results aren’t immediate, doesn’t mean the method’s not working. Millions of people derive great results from homeopathy and use of essential oils. Oil’s Well That Ends Well! Using essential oils thwart imbalances in our body. As a result, we’re able to heal through an...

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The Safe Way to Defrost and Refreeze Meats

There’s a wide range of information (and rumors) on best defrosting and refreezing practices. Here are some solid tips on keeping your food health-safe and still tasting good. Breaking the Ice Defrosting uncooked food (especially proteins) can be done a couple of ways. 1) Remove the meat or fish from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator until it thaws. Once it’s thawed, you’ll need to cook it. If it’s only partially thawed, meaning, if it still contains ice crystals or is at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, you may refreeze it safely. Anytime you are freezing, defrosting,...

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Link Between Chronic Pain and Weather

A study conducted in England using a smartphone app measured the correlation between the participants’ pain and the weather outside. London Fog The survey, aptly named the “Cloudy Project,” included data from over 9,000 people in Leeds, Norwich, and London. Details were collected over a course of 18 months. The smartphone app recorded daily pain levels of those involved. The participants plugged in details of their pain on days when they most experienced it. The app already recorded the weather on a daily basis in the person’s location. The results showed that on the days when the pain was...

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Natural Ways to Relieve Toothache Pain

If you’ve ever had a cavity, infection, or abscess, then you know the pain a bad tooth can cause. It’s bad. While waiting for help from the dentist, there are some natural relief treatments you can try at home. First Things First You don’t want to mess around or procrastinate when it comes to tooth or gum infections. Bacteria in your mouth can quickly spread through your bloodstream to other places in your body. The most dangerous—your heart and lungs. So without alarm, make a plan to get your dental situation remedied by a professional. While waiting, however, try...

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How to Holistically Treat Your Headache

Fully relieving a headache may require a holistic approach. One medicine or a few minutes of meditation may not do the trick. But, a combo of methods can kick your pain to the curb… It’s Over Your Head A headache doesn’t just hurt your head—it can affect your eyes, mood, and sleep patterns, among other aspects of your entire being. Stress can cause brain pain. Light and sound sensitivity, food allergies, and lack of sleep and hydration are big culprits, too. When you’re experiencing a headache, you may not be able to: focus, relate to others, stay calm, do...

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