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Month: October 2018

Is This The Least You’ll Weigh All Year?

According to a semi-global study, late October and early November are peak times for  “best” weights for Americans. It’s right afterwards, during holidays, that we tend to grow larger (and we don’t mean taller.) Tighter Clothes: Post-Holiday Woes The New England Journal of Medicine recently published its findings from a three-country study. The weight loss-and-gain of Americans, Germans, and Japanese folks were observed. Around this time of year, late fall, Americans weighed in at their lowest compared to the rest of the year. In Germany and Japan, the results were the same. Thousands of participants were tracked using wireless...

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What Are Ancient Grains?

We read cereal boxes, snack labels, and hear about these “Ancient Grains” all over the place these days. But, what exactly are they? And, are they as good for us as these sources are claiming? Ancient Grain Overview There is a collection of unrefined whole grains that fit into this “ancient” category. Basically, these are grains whose roots trace back to before we kept track of time. Ancient grains have not been mutated, bred, refined, and have been left greatly unchanged over the centuries. Many ancient civilizations such as the Greek, Egyptians, and the Aztecs used (and worshipped) these...

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Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Do you own a mobile phone or Smartphone? Of course you do. In fact, you are probably reading this blog on your Smartphone or tablet right now. According to Pew Research Center, nearly 70 percent of people in the U.S. have a Smartphone. Check out the Pew Research Center site here to read more about these statistics. Some people have become so dependent on their Smartphones, they experience significant distress when they are forced to go without one. This has even led some researchers to give these feelings a name: “nomophobia,” a portmanteau of the phrase “no mobile phone...

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Does Child Safety Differ in a Truck vs. SUV?

So, Which is it, a Truck or SUV? As a conscientious and law-abiding parent, you’ll want to have your child in the right car seat when driving. But will your child’s safety be more at risk in a truck vs. SUV? Child Safety Seats in all Cars and Trucks First and foremost, the issue of child safety seats must be addressed. Having your youngsters in properly fitted and bolstered seats is the priority. Whether your children are in a truck, SUV, sedan, or minivan, they need to be in an apparatus that is befitting their size, age, and weight. There...

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The Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is now known across the world, mostly for the extreme health benefits that it brings to the table. It doesn’t matter what age you are or your fitness level; anyone can benefit from Pilates. It is estimated that over 20 million people around the world take a Pilates class or do Pilates exercises in some form or another. This exercise regime is said to give people many physical and mental benefits. Makes You More Flexible Stretching overtime and using the “Reformer” on a regular basis not only extends your range of motion, but it makes you more flexible...

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