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Month: September 2018

Pregnancy Nausea Good for Mom and Baby

Morning sickness can be physically undesirable; however, new research points to less incidence of miscarriage in women who experience nausea during pregnancy. The Mother of All Early Pregnancy Studies Research in the past has been limited linking morning sickness with reduced risk of miscarriage. Early pregnancy, nausea, and vomiting often go hand-in-hand. Approximately eight out of ten women experience the queasy symptoms during the first trimester. That’s when the hormonal surge is most significant. The newest study is showing that women who suffered morning sickness had up-to-a -75 percent decreased risk of miscarrying. That’s not to say, however, that...

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Acne Sufferers Actually Age More Slowly

Researchers and skin experts have long noticed that people who’ve had acne actually age more slowly. Now, however, a study has medically proven this observation.   Skin Deep   When you’re young, having acne can be commonplace. But it can also be traumatic. Having pimply skin, especially on your face, can delay growth in self-confidence. But never fear, because years later you’ll be looking a lot younger than your peers who never had acne.   Here’s Why:   A new cellular study shows that people with acne have significantly longer telomeres. What are telomeres? They are protective caps on...

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Doctors “Prescribing” Fresh Foods From Food Banks

Food Banks in the US are stocking more nutritious foods for their clientele. These organizations across America help the homeless and those with low incomes to eat affordably or for free. Food banks, in association with local farmers, are offering more fresh produce these days. And doctors are collaborating with food banks, prescribing fruits and vegetables to improve overall health. Feeding America Feeding America is a nonprofit organization who took a survey of 200 food banks. They discovered that one-third of households participating in food banks have at least one member who is diabetic. More than 50 percent have...

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Drumming Can Successfully Treat Your Depression

A new study on “group drumming” has shown to be an effective antidepressant treatment. Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum As we’re aware, prescription medication is often quickly dispensed when a patient describes and shows sign of depression. Sometimes medication is an important option for those with mental health issues. And many times it relieves distressful symptoms. Emotional responses, however, can be numbed. And although the “lows” become more manageable, the patient doesn’t always get to experience life’s great highs. Medication often masks the underlying causes for depression. Symptoms are treated, but not addressed—and neither is the...

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The Truth About Silver Fillings

If you have a responsible dentist, then you’ve probably been educated on the possible health risks of “silver” fillings. If this is the first you’ve heard about silver/amalgam cavity fillings, then this is the article for you. The Good Ole Days What an irony—the good ole days were when we feared dentists, and they filled our cavities with dangerous metals! Dental amalgam is that metal stuff that your dentist shoved into the hole in your tooth in your cavity. It was, and still is, silver-colored. It’s actually a mix of metals, mostly filled with mercury. It’s been cost-effective for...

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