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Month: June 2018

Foods to Eat to Lose Belly Fat (and Still Love What You Eat)

You probably have no idea the risk you’re taking with your health. That lumpy, bumpy middle section makes it tough to wear your jeans. It might even make you self-conscious when it comes time to take off those jeans. But, the worst part is how it’s affecting your physical wellbeing. Let’s lose some sugar, and, instead, learn which are the best foods to eat to lose belly fat. Am I a Consumer Like All the Others? The recommended daily intake of sugar is approximately 25 grams. This should include all the fruit you ingest along with every product that...

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Diabetes Symptoms In Women You Can't Afford to Ignore

Unfortunately, a type-2 diabetes diagnosis is not uncommon these days.  Nations are getting fatter, and this is a problem on the rise. Most notably, high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance are diabetes symptoms that you must not ignore. What Are Some Main Diabetes Symptoms? This disorder is more common for those over the age of 40. Also pertinent,  if a close relative like a parent or sibling suffers from the disease, you may be more prone. There are many similar diabetes symptoms in men and women. Can you relate to any of these? Do you feel thirsty all the time? Are you...

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Could Your Health Be At Risk From Too Much Light?

A recently published experiment concluded that exposure to light for long periods of time can deteriorate your health. Lights Out The study (conducted with mice) showed health risks from exposure to continuous lighting.  This artificial/indoor light, over a six-month period, created weakness and inflammation. The weakness resulted from deterioration of muscle and bone mass. And inflammation, as we know, can lead to all types of autoimmune conditions as well as cancer. Shedding Light This information may be quite valuable for those who work night shifts, hospital patients, and even newborns in the neonatal. Understanding the possible health risks from...

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Eye Test May Identify Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Appear

Researchers may have discovered a way to identify early Alzheimer’s using a device that examines eyes. Seeing a Connection A study out of the University of Minnesota has linked what can be happening in the brain through the use of an eye test. So far, there hasn’t been a way to detect the onslaught of Alzheimer’s before the physical and behavioral symptoms appear. When Alzheimer’s strikes, the brain, and the eye’s retina undergo similar changes. Scientists understand that Alzheimer’s patients possess an amyloid plaque build-up in the brain. That build-up causes progressive cognitive and memory decline. Until now, there’s...

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2 Main Reasons Why Females Don’t Have Healthy Body Image

Don’t have the healthiest body image? It’s not surprising—and there are several reasons why.  Below, we explore 2 different causes and how we can begin to overcome these negative perceptions. When It Begins Our perception of how we physically appear to others begins early in childhood. We continue to form perceptions of how attractive we are (or aren’t) as we graduate from childhood into adolescence. This self-appreciation or self-criticism continues to develop on through to adulthood. Feedback we get from peers, family, and the media all effect how we eventually see ourselves. 1) The Media Perhaps one of the...

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