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Month: May 2018

How To Choose The Best Probiotic

What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that happen to be great for the digestive system.  There are millions of good and bad bacteria, named microbiota or more commonly, gut flora, living in the digestive system.  Digestive health needs to be balanced and that’s when probiotics can help.  Sounding like something from a 1970’s horror movie like ‘The Andromeda Strain’, probiotics are a health boosting microorganism, living inside of the body’s digestion tract.  In recent years, the public have invested in the industry, which was worth a whopping 46 billion in 2017.   Probiotics have the potential...

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5 Surprising Natural Remedies For Anxiety You've Got To Try!

Daily, there are millions of people taking medication for depression, anxiety and/or practicing stress-reductions techniques. Generally, experts recommend the same handful of suggestions as natural remedies for anxiety. Those suggestions can be effective, but here are 5 more that may surprise you! Tried and True By and large, health practitioners similarly advocate a few main elements to de-stress. These include: Getting more rest Improving dietary habits Exercising Meditating Seeking therapy or counseling Clearly, this is sound advice. As a result, it’s been proven helpful to many. But, did you know there are at least five other natural remedies for...

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Why Magnesium Is Essential

A whopping 80% of Americans are believed to be magnesium deficient but what is it, and why magnesium is essential?  Calcium was considered to be the most important element in our bodies, second to air (oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen).  Only in recent years, the medical industry is understanding how important the element magnesium is, labeled ‘macro mineral’, which the body requires in order to function to its maximum capabilities.  Magnesium helps turn the food into energy, keeping muscles, heart and nervous system all in check, while also maintaining bone strength and improving the immune system.   Benefits Of Magnesium...

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Don't Be A Slouch – How To Fix Poor Posture

Many people have poor posture or it could use some improvement.  It’s something to be aware of, yet many don’t act to change it.  Why should posture be taken seriously and what affect can it have on health?  The American Posture Institute claims recent research shows cognitive development in children, repertory restriction, and negative emotional issues have all been effected by poor posture.   Posture Errors In order to correct poor posture, recognizing the symptoms, is fundamental to the solution.  The following list identifies common mistakes people make, which may lead to incorrect posture: Sticking buttocks out Slouching whilst...

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Yoga and Tai Chi Instead of Medication

Medication may not be enough to relieve pain; Alternative non-medicinal approaches such as Tai Chi and Yoga can be successful pain relievers—without negative side effects. Tough to Admit Western medical professionals have voiced their doubts about yoga, acupuncture, and massage as practical healing approaches. These alternative practices, until recently, haven’t offered up the data required by health insurance companies to endorse them. Thousands of years of success in relieving pain just wasn’t enough, evidently. Numerous studies, however, along with patient testimony, has finally given Tai Chi, yoga, and acupuncture their due place at the top of “modern” healing practices....

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